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Australia’s food bowl will be presenting a culinary filled schedule stuffed with Bundaberg-region-fresh-farmer produce held between 5 – 14 August 2022. Join us at Bert’s for our Cocktail Masterclass or five course Degustation as part of the Taste Bundaberg Festival.


Bert’s Restaurant invites you to spend the afternoon learning their best-kept secrets at a cocktail masterclass in their brand-new upstairs lounge bar. Join expert mixologists as they take you along on the journey of how to craft their signature cocktails. Explore the selection of spirits, matching the mixers and find out the tips and tricks to tying it all together. The afternoon will include a selection of canapes to accompany the delicious cocktails.

Date: Saturday 6 August
Time: 2 – 4 pm
Location: Bert’s Restaurant, 163 Bourbong St
Cost: $60



Step out this Taste Festival and spend your evening enjoying an elegant, candlelit five-course degustation in the recently refurbished Bert’s Restaurant.

Chef Sumit and his kitchen team have collaborated with local suppliers to put together an evening that simultaneously showcases an elegant fine-dining experience with the abundant local produce that the region is known for. With pairing options also available across both sessions, the team at Bert’s are ready to impress.

Date: Wednesday 10 August
Time: 5.15 – 7.15 pm + 7.45 – 10 pm
Location: Bert’s, 163 Bourbong St
Cost: $120



It’s always tragic to mourn the loss of remarkable people who have truly made a difference, not only in our community but in the world. But often, their contributions live on and that’s something we should always be grateful for. Among these people was aviator, Bert Hinkler who died in a tragic plane crash in the Apennine mountains in Italy on 7th January 1933. Bert had been attempting a record flight to Australia on this final fateful flight.

A true pioneer, we have always believed that Bert’s incredible spirit was worth celebrating. To revive the local legend and legacy he left behind and to celebrate the pioneering spirit, we have created a place where we can all come together, dream together, celebrate together and create unforgettable memories – Bert’s Restaurant & Bar, located in the heart of Bundaberg.


Bert’s early life

Bert Hinkler was born on 8th December 1892 right here in Bundaberg, Queensland. He was an aviator and inventor who made significant contributions to the aviation industry. Even in his younger years, Bert always knew that he wanted to fly. His love for flight began with his admiration of birds as he watched them take off into the skies. He curiously followed the inventions of the Wright brothers and vigorously learned as much as he could about aviation.

Bert had many recognitions and awards under his belt. He not only built his own aircraft, but Bert Hinkler was the first person to fly solo from England to Australia and the very first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Before he took his first solo flight, Bert had waited for over 10 years to do so. When he finally did undertake the challenging journey, he smashed the world record which had been set by the Smith brothers in 1919. Over the years, Bert established himself as a solo pilot and navigator with a number of long-distance flights and air races. He went on to become one of the greatest aviators in Australian history. 

His death

Sadly, the life of this impeccable inventor came to an end on 7th January 1933 when he was killed in an air crash in the Apennine mountains in Italy. At the point of this crash, Bert was attempting a record flight to Australia. 

Bert Hinkler Memorial

Australian ambassador to Italy, Mike Rann, right, lays the Australian flag on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the Australian aviator Bert Hinkler in Castel San Niccolò near Arezzo, Tuscany, central Italy, Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015. The pilot died in an accident 1933 and for decades it has been unclear where he exactly fell, but thanks to discovery of new photos and the effort of local researchers it was possible to find the crash point on the Pratomagno mountain, in Arezzo province. (AP Photo/Paolo Santalucia) (The Associated Press)


His spirit lives on

Bert’s story is unique and, to this day, is still told in Bundaberg in form of memorials and even a museum dedicated to Bert’s life and work, The Hinkler Hall of Aviation.

While these are fascinating places to learn about his life and the legacy he left behind, we envisioned something that was more alive. So, to revive the local legend and to celebrate his pioneering spirit, we have created a place where we can all come together, dream together, celebrate together and create unforgettable memories together. That’s how Bert’s Restaurant & Bar was born. Located in the heart of Bundaberg, it’s the perfect place to celebrate life and bring out the pioneers in all of us. A place where Bert’s lives on.

Enjoy worldly cuisine, as well as an exceptional selection of local and international wines in great atmosphere and forget about the world for a while. The classic selection of cocktails adds to the 1920’s feel and invites you on a journey back in time.

For the full menu selection, visit the Bert’s menu page.

There are many incredible lessons to be learned from the life of our Bundaberg inventor. But the greatest lesson of all is to continue our quest to become the best version of ourselves and to never stop dreaming. Who would have thought that a young boy from Bundaberg with an obsession for flying would one day prove himself as one of the world’s greatest aviators?

Bert’s in Bundaberg

Cocktails are timeless favorites that never lose their charm. As a matter of fact, they only seem to improve over time. Some of the best cocktails are classics from centuries ago while others have gained popularity only in recent years, with bold creativity. Regardless of which era they are from, there are some cocktails that you simply must try before you die! Here is a list of our 10 favourite cocktails, in no particular order.


1. Mojito

A mojito is a classic refreshing cocktail that originated in Cuba and has been enjoyed for decades by rum lovers. It’s simple, timeless and hard to resist. If you love rum, you’ll love the mojito! The combination of muddled lime and mint make it the perfect choice on a hot summer day. 


2. Tom Collins 

This highball classic is not to be missed on any decent cocktail menu. It has truly stood the test of time. The Tom Collins is traditionally made from an old style gin such as Old Tom or Plymouth but can be poured with the gin of your choice. The Tom Collins is a great way to enjoy your favourite gin in style! 


3. Noir Sidecar

The noir sidecar is a variation of the popular Brandy Sour. Some people prefer it on whiskey instead. The sidecar is a perfect balance of sweet and sour. It is a mix that has been cherished by people over the years because of its refreshing, sour taste. The sour and sweet blend of the Noir Sidecar is something not to be missed.



4. Espresso Martini

Martinis are timeless and have been in existence for a number of decades. The Espresso Martini, however, is not your average Martini. It’s a blend of vodka, freshly brewed Alowishus espresso coffee, coffee liqueur and sugar syrup, shaken on ice. Though it may not be a true martini, it’s been the best-selling cocktail of this decade and a must-have cocktail in our books. Coffee + cocktail – what’s not to love?


5. Amaretto Sour

This is one of our personal favourites. Amaretto liqueur, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, an orange slice, and a maraschino cherry. This unique and refreshing drink with its distinctive taste and scent will make it difficult not to drink it all up in one sip. It’s simply delicious! If you love marzipan, you’re gonna LOVE this timeless classic.


6. Cosmopolitan 

The secret ingredients of the cosmopolitan:

  • Vodka
  • Triple sec
  • Cranberry juice
  • Freshly squeezed lime juice

The Cosmopolitan, or “Cosmo” might look like a simple drink, yet it is rich in history. It’s neither overly sweet nor too tart, making it the perfect drink at any cocktail party. The only problem with this one is, once you had one, you’ll want more!


7. Into The Red

A blend of Campari bitter, dry gin, sweet vermouth, and Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge make this the “Into The Red” the perfect cocktail to sip on a summer night while watching the sun make its way into the gentle waves of the Atlantic ocean. This classic cocktail hits a punch. So get ready for a great night out that lasts much longer than the sunsets.


8. Penicillin 

Just what the doctor ordered. This blend of scotch, lemon juice, and simple syrup is sure to spice up your night at your favourite cocktail bar in Bundy. It’s a spicy ginger cocktail that never grows old. Unique in its taste, the Penicillin cocktail is a must-try!


9. Southside 

It is an alcoholic beverage of gin, lime juice, syrup, and mint. It is so striking even when compared to a mojito. You definitely want to taste this.


10. Winnie Who?

The Winnie Who cocktail is an easy-going, thoughtful and sweet cocktail made from whiskey, honey syrup, lemon juice, egg white, red wine, and orange blossom water. Take a trip down memory lane to Christopher Robbins’ Hundred Acre Wood where you meet Winnie Who and co.


Got a favourite cocktail that’s missing on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

You have probably had a glass of wine at an event but perhaps never really thought about the finer details about wine. There is so much that revolves around wine. History, culture, agriculture, geology, genetics and literally everything about wine is intriguing. Not to mention the mystifying taste of every bottle of wine. Before you raid the wine bar for your own fine bottle of wine, here are a few details you need to know.


1. The different varieties of wine

There are many different grape varieties used in wine production. These specific 18 varieties are known as international varieties or the 18 Noble Grapes. They include light sweet white wines like Moscato and Riesling, as well as deep dark red wines like Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which you have probably heard of.



2. Popular wine regions

The three countries internationally known for wine production include Italy, France, and Spain. They produce most of the wine in the world. Furthermore, the wine produced is the best in the world. It is therefore not surprising that the most popular varieties of wine worldwide are from these three countries. We have a beautiful selection of wines here at Bert’s in Bundaberg, including original French Champagne.


3. Why some wines taste more tart than others

There are some wines that have a tart taste. This taste is referred to as acidity. Some wines burn the back of your throat. This is because of the alcohol level. Others leave a bitter-dry taste in your mouth, a taste known as tannin. Which wines you prefer depends on your personal tastes. And as you make your way through our wide selection of wines, you will surely discover your personal favourites soon.

4. The characteristics of wine and wine descriptions

The basic wine characteristics include:

  • Sweetness: sweet wines give you a tingling sensation on the tips of your tongue
  • Acidity: wines with higher acidity feel lighter-bodied. Rich and round wines are less acidic
  • Tannin: this is the presence of phenolic compounds which add bitterness to wine
  • Alcohol: on average, wine contains 11-13% alcohol
  • Body: wine is either light, medium or full-bodied depending on the wine variety, its origin, vintage, alcohol level and method of production

You can use some of the following words to describe wine based on the characteristics mentioned above:

  • Body: thin, cliff-edge, hollow, mellow, short, austere, angular, delicate, elegant, light-bodied, finesse, polished
  • Style: barnyard, smokey, earthy, musky
  • Tannin: bitter, harsh, aggressive
  • Acidity: bright, astringent, edgy, lively, zesty
  • Alcohol: hot, burn, jimmy etc. 



5. Drinking wine like a pro

Since wine is a very social drink, it is important to learn basic wine etiquette. For instance the motor skills of how to swirl, how to taste wine and how to hold and clink glasses. Other skills include ordering wine and opening the bottle properly. Here at Bert’s, we conduct occasional wine tastings and wine workshops where you will be introduced to these things.


6. Wine tastes different every year

Wine tastes different from year to year, so you can have a stash of the same bottle of wine which tastes different every time you drink it depending on the vintage. Wine is mostly drunk in the year it is released but there are some wines that improve with age. However, an older wine is not always better and it often comes down to your personal preference. Experiment with different vintages and see what you prefer. We’ve got a good range of different vintages here at Bert’s.


7. Drinking wine is an adventure

Wine is a unique beverage that accompanies your life experiences. Expand your understanding of wine. Treat it like a journey. An adventure. Let it take you to the most exotic places on earth, taste the different cultures and listen to the countless untold stories that exist in each and every bottle. Wine is not just there to be drunk, but to create unforgettable memories.